MMAniacs - Round 12

Because of scheduling snafu this episode is split into two parts. The first half of this episode features Matt and our "I Do Snacks" correspondent Paul Landwehr. They chat about Gonzaga, UFC 200 confirmed fights, McGregor/Diaz 2 rumors, the different UFC Boston cards that have transpired, Wiedman/Rockhold 1 and 2, UFC Fightpass, everything Nate Diaz, Rory McDonald/Wonderboy Thompson, UFC Brisbane, and of coarse they touch upon "I Do Snacks".

The second segment of this episode, Matt & Nick talk about the big news of the day, NY state legalizing MMA, Nick implores the UFC to indoctrinate Oleg Taktarov into the UFC Hall of Fame, #OlegThatsTheAll, Tim "Dirty Bird" Means turns out to have not-so-dirty urine, again the McGregor/Diaz 2 rumors, We give a shout out to renown MMA ref Kevin MacDonald and tease a future episode where we talk about his MMA ref/judge courses,